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Your Bridge to a Richer Life and Legacy

When you work with The Gervais Group, you’ll have a dedicated team of wealth management experts by your side creating customized strategies that align with your unique values, priorities, and relationships. Our team is comprised of long-tenured, diverse, highly credentialed individuals who have solidified themselves as a trusted source of wealth insight for over 25 years. Our distinctive approach includes leveraging our in-house resources as well as external expert team, so we are constantly generating leading thoughts on financial planning and investment management, therefore surfacing ideas that enable our clients to optimize their current plan, make informed investment decisions and ensure they are not caught off guard.

Dedicated to Comprehensive Education and Expertise

1Each advisor—selected by SHOOK Research—is chosen based on an algorithm of qualitative and quantitative criteria, including: in-person interviews; industry experience; compliance records; revenue produced; and assets under management. Forbes/SHOOK Research Best-In-State Wealth Advisor, publication as of April 7, 2022; February 11, 2021; January 16, 2020; February 20, 2019; and February 15, 2018.  Rankings as of June 30 of the prior year.
2The Forbes ranking of America’s Top Women Wealth Advisors, developed by SHOOK Research, is based on an algorithm of qualitative data, learned through surveys and interviews conducted by telephone, in-person and virtually to evaluate best practices, such as service models, investing models and compliance records as well as quantitative data, such as revenue trends and assets under management. Forbes/SHOOK America's Top Women Wealth, publication as of March 24, 2021; April 21, 2020. Rankings as of September 30 of the prior year.
3Working Mother and SHOOK Research, published as of October 19, 2021; September 29, 2020; October 3, 2019; October 2, 2018; October 3, 2017. Rankings as of March 31 of the prior year.
4Five Star Wealth Managers are chosen based on an in-depth research methodology that includes ten objective criteria, including an advisor's credentials, time in the financial services industry, favorable regulatory and complaint history, and client retention rate.